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Green Cleaning Cloths 

Clean Naturally - Green Eco Friendly Cloths - Dirt and Dust attach Magnetically 

Chemical Free - Paper Free - Bleachable - Washable - Polyester
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Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloths |
Microfiber Cleaning | Chemical Free | Cleaning Cloths
Green Cleaning Cloths | Anti-Bacterial | Chemical Free
Microfiber cloths are the future of cleaning. Aside from being cost effective and labour saving they are Environmentally Friendly,  Anti Bacterial and great for the home and the environment. Safe around children and pets, feel great when using them.
Our Green Cleaning Cloth by Wipe and Glow is a patented Polyester synthetic blend and it can last months and many washings. It dries quickly, so it will not become a breeding ground for bacteria. The Green Cleaning Cloth is absorbent. and multi-use. Reuse it, the savings are enormous by eliminating the need for chemicals, harsh cleaners and paper towels. 

Microfiber textiles designed for cleaning are more than just a cloth, they are a scientifically engineered precision tool that allows cleaning on a microscopic scale.

The EPA estimated that the fumes produced by common household cleaners were three times more likely to cause cancer than other air pollutants. A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that exposure to cleaning products accounts for 15 percent of all asthma cases.

Field tests done at the University of California-Davis hospital using polyester microfiber materials to clean a surface, showed they reduced the number of bacteria by 99% whereas a conventional cloth cleaning material reduces this number by 33%.

Green Eco Friendly Cleaning Cloths 

 1 Wet Cloth  2 Wring Out Well Wipe Dry
Polyester Microfiber Cloths out perform Cotton Cloths
Water is not bad at cleaning most things by itself, being its molecules have two very different ends. The ends are electrically unbalanced, allowing them to stick to all kinds of things like tiny magnets and break them apart. Water is sometimes called a universal solvent being able to dissolve so many different things. When water alone will not work, addin a detergent helps it cling to dirt and grease, breaking it apart, and making it easier for water molecules to flush it away. With the environment and health being a big issue today many people try to avoid using detergents because they can cause allergic reactions and skin issues. in an effort to make our homes cleaner and more hygienic we may be undermining the way our bodies immune systems naturally defend themselves against germs. Detergents do not disappear into thin air and they contain chemicals that are flushed down our drains into our rivers and seas, where they build up over time and create water pollution. We may be keeping our homes cleaner, but we're polluting the environment and our bodies. For these reasons many people would love to be able to clean their homes without the use of chemicals and that is why microfiber cleaning cloths have become increasingly popular.
Your ordinary cleaning cloth has fibers made of cotton or a synthetic material such as nylon. If you have seen pieces of cotton you will know exactly how big the fibers are. Now take your polyester microfiber cloth which has far more fibers which are much smaller. 
Microfibers are able to attach themselves to the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles, ones that normal cloth fibers will not even come close to. Remember, there are millions of microfibers in a cloth, so the overall sticking effect is magnified dramatically. The reason why dirt, dust, etc. can be scooped up by microfiber cloths. And it's also why you should clean microfiber clothes so very thoroughly after using them.
Polyester microfiber cloths are much more widely known and used in Europe than in Canada or the United States. Why you ask? Big chemical companies and the stores that sell them make tens of billions of dollars. They have little or no incentive to get behind a simple technology that undermines their costly products. Companies like this have spent a fortune on advertising for several decades, happily convincing most of us that we need to clean our homes with industrial-strength cleaners in a never-ending war on germs. Is it any wonder, then, that we're skeptical of "magic" microfiber cloths that promise to get our homes hygienically clean with nothing but water?
If you're still having doubts, try one of our Green Eco Friendly Cloths for yourself, and remember that what is cleaning your home isn't magic, it truely is science!

Polyester Microfiber Cleaning Cloths |
Made in the USA
    Non-Toxic!  Avoid harmful chemicals, fumes or vapors   
Environmentally Friendly!  Use over & over, eliminate paper towel waste
      Allergen Friendly!  Magnetically attract dust, eliminates flying dust particles    
Ultra gentle! and Oversized!  Extremely fine microfiber avoids scratches, streaks or marks. Great on windows, stainless steel, ceramics, granite, mirrors and marble. Use them on TVs, computer screens - 16"x16" Cloth